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On Summer Vacation!

Hey everyone! Thanks for continuing to tune in to the Brave New Bookshelf every week! Danica and I are going to take a few weeks off to enjoy the summer here in the US. We plan to enjoy the summer weather, book some more guests for the podcast, and bank up a few episodes so we can get ahead in the fall. In September, I’ll be traveling with my husband to Japan, and there are a few big author conferences in both September and November we need to attend. We’d like to get ahead of the game.

One of our aims with this podcast is to educate people, but we also intend to have fun doing this! So we’re laid back about our schedule, and we are making sure we get the time off we need to work on our writing, visit and spend time with family, and most importantly, relax.

Thanks for your understanding!

xo, Steph.

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