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Launching on April 18th!

We’re excited to announce that this podcast is launching on April 18, 2024. (We have moved from April 4th to the 18th to accommodate some scheduling issues.)

In our debut episode, join us as we share our personal experiences with AI, from overcoming challenges to discovering its potential to revolutionize the way we create and share stories. Steph, a self-published author and co-founder of the Future Fiction Academy, delves into how AI has been a game-changer in her writing journey, especially in navigating the aftermath of brain fog. Danica, the Community Manager at PublishDrive and a seasoned author, discusses her dedication to shaping the future of AI in publishing.

Our discussions are candid, insightful, and aimed at debunking myths surrounding AI in the literary world. We believe in the ethical use of AI, focusing on how it can augment, not replace, the human touch in storytelling.

On YouTube and all major podcast apps April 18, 2024!

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