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Welcome to Brave New Bookshelf – Where AI Meets Creativity

Dive into the fascinating intersection of Artificial Intelligence and the literary world with Brave New Bookshelf, a pioneering podcast hosted by Steph Pajonas and Danica Favorite. As authors navigating the evolving landscape of publishing, we’re here to explore the groundbreaking role AI plays in enhancing the creative process of writing and publishing. Our journey is not just about understanding technology; it’s about embracing AI as a tool for innovation, efficiency, and artistic expression.

Brave New Bookshelf is more than just a podcast; it’s a community of forward-thinking writers, readers, and technologists. We’re passionate about creating a space for dialogue, learning, and sharing experiences about AI’s role in publishing. Whether you’re an author curious about AI tools, a reader fascinated by the future of books, or someone intrigued by the blend of technology and creativity, this podcast is for you.

Stay tuned for insightful discussions, interviews with industry experts, and practical tips on leveraging AI in your creative endeavors.

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